Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thats it thats a wrap

here is some more

Here are some more I have three more pictures this is just a preview whats to come.
This was taken at the Las Vegas LDS Temple Yesterday . I am so excited cause my hubby and I will be getting sealed at this temple here in a couple of months. We couldn't be happier to finally become a family forever. Not only do we have that as a mile stone in our life we will Be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary in three months . James and I will be married for 3yrs and 9 months tomorrow . once April is over we will only have two months until we are married for 4 yrs. We will Celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary on July 26, 2012. Can't wait that day in 2008 I married my best friend my partner , my lover and my rock. And now I get to be sealed to him for all time and eternity as a family forever can't wait thanks so far for the best four yrs of my life here's to many more wonderful yrs together and a life time of happiness with one another. More pictures to come. I LOVE YOU JAMES THOMAS CARSON. Thanks for always being mine and loving me no matter what Heavenly father truly was looking out for me and blessed me with such an amazing husband I couldn't ask for better no would I want better because you don't get better then you. I am truly blessed . And it all started four yrs ago because two people fell in love more pictures to come. I got the perfect guy and perfect life .

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Beautiful Dog Duchess

This is in Honor of my beautiful black lab Duchess ( Gone But Never Forgotten) I love you tons miss you lots I love you with all my heart my friend . My Dog

me and my buddy over the years

Auntie Amber and Silas G Hilts

These Pictures are of Me and Silas over the years.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Everything

James and I on our wedding day and James and I Getting our Photo's done for when we are seald in the LDS Temple . We will be married three years in July and they have been a wonderful three years . Here's to the next 47 years being married to my wondrful man and here's to many more wondrful years being married to my best friend, my rock, my partenr. And my soul mate. Your my all my everything .